Maybe it's me, but does it seem like Thanksgiving? Wasn't it Labor Day just a couple of weeks ago? The weather certainly indicates it's that time of the year. And once I got to looking around, there seemed to be telltale signs everywhere.

These are In no particular order of relevance, but this is the one that I noticed 1st.

Workers installing the Season's Greeting signs in Marcy.


There's a different pair of shoes inside the door and a strange clothes basket by the washer. It can only mean:

Our daughter, Shayna is home from College for Thanksgiving break.


Our usually bare refrigerator has suddenly been filled. Wonder what's in the brown bag?

Turkey in the Fridge


My favorite TV show made it official with a rendition of Central New York's beloved Holiday Song.

Family Guy's Peter Griffin sings Dominic the Donkey

And of course, it wouldn't be holiday time without something breaking, malfunctioning or leaking just days before the big gathering.

Toolbox under the sink

Well now that we've established the holidays are here, let the shopping, baking, and good cheer begin. We hope the season is bright and cheery for you and yours.