The Cash Cow is back with three chances to win up to 5 Grand! We know you really want to win that cash, and maybe we can help.

From now until June 15, we announce a Cash Cow Code Word three times a day, and all you have to do is enter that code at

But we have a few tips that might be able to help you get a little closer to winning.

1. Download The Big Frog 104 Mobile App

This is not only the best way to keep listening after you get out of the car or leave the house, but it's the fastest way to enter. Now you'll never miss a code or a chance to enter if first.

2. Bookmark

And also bookmark the page where you enter the codes, and you'll be able to get your entries in quickly.

3. Be Quick With Your Entries

You'll lose your opportunity to enter the code words if you wait too long, so don't write all the daily code words down and enter them all at once near the end of the contest.

That will hurt your chances at the smaller prizes leading to the grand prize.

4. Set Reminders

You've been paying attention and know exactly when we give out the code words right? Well simply use your phone to set a couple alarms a few minutes before we give out the code words and you won't miss one.

5. Assemble A Group of 'Milkers'

If you get a group of friends together, you can assign a person to listen for each code word throughout the day, or even split it up between days of the week. Of course with this tactic you'll have to split the winnings, but why not reward teamwork?

Now get ready to milk the Cash Cow, and good luck!


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