Are you ready for Big Frog 104's Utica Comets Night coming up on Saturday January 16th? To get you ready for the big game, here's a few songs you should listen to before coming to the Aud. 

1) Small Town Throw Down

To get you ready for the Comets to crush Albany, make sure you know everyong coming from down the thruway we are having a small town throw down!


2) Hell Yeah

While you enjoy some ice cold UC, this song will help lift your spirits for the night.


3) Drink In My Hand

Just like number 2, this is also the perfect song for some beer.


4) Tattoos On This Town

When the Comets destroy Albany, they will have a nice big Utica tattoo on them.


5) You Look Good In My Shirt

If you have a date to the game, melt her heart with a little Keith Urban!