To live in Central New York, you have to be tough. You have to be tougher than most people.

We deal with a lot, living in CNY - More than most people ever have to encounter in their entire lives. The fact that we're still standing, and still fighting just goes to show how tough we are. Here are the Top 5 Reasons why living in Central New York makes you tough...

1 - Mother Nature is No Match for Us

We deal with brutally cold and snowy winters, flooding springs, hot summers, and brisk falls. We know how to handle sunshine and 50-degree weather, to a snowstorm the next day. The weather in CNY is SO unpredictable (and pretty crazy at times), but we're used to it. We can handle it like it's nothing.

2 - Economically, We've Been Through It All

When the recession hit, back at the end of 2007, Utica and Central New York got hit worse than most areas in the country. Utica had some of the highest unemployment rates, highest prices on gasoline, and housing prices dropped ridiculously low. But Utica still survived. Central New Yorkers were scared, but knew they had to hold on, and they did. We're still digging out of the mess, but things are picking up. If we can handle such a rough economic situation, we can handle anything.

3 - We Were Rebels Before It Was Cool

You all know the story of the F.X. Matt Brewery - They were the first brewery with a license to sell beer after prohibition ended, and they were able to get beer out to the public within minutes.
Now think about it...
It takes more than a few minutes to brew beer.

Saranac Brewery
Eric Meier/TSM

4 - We Know How to Drive in Bad Weather

Driving down 5s or the thruway in icy or snowy conditions isn't a big deal. You can spot a visitor in these conditions, though. We know the right speeds - we don't go too fast or too slow, and when it's really icy, we know how to keep our vehicles from losing control. Visitors aren't so lucky.

5 - We Can Handle Bad Publicity

For whatever reason, people love to make jokes about how bad Utica is, and how terrible an area Central New York is. They're wrong, but there's no use fighting what people will say. We've learned this lesson. It doesn't even phase us anymore. You want to talk bad about our area - Fine. We'll stick up for ourselves, but we won't waste our energy trying to change your mind. We know how great it is to live here (and how tough we are), and that's all that matters.




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