No matter the situation, my Dad had a saying that always drove me crazy, "I tried to tell ya." It's no wonder this story makes me hear it again as the Department of Environmental Conservation nab hunters bringing Pennsylvania Deer into New York.

The state made it illegal to bring unprocessed deer into New York in an attempt to stop the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. In fact it's illegal to bring Deer, Elk and Moose back from several states and Canadian Provinces.

On the 1st day of Pennsylvania's gun season, the DEC set up checkpoints at two bridges connecting New York and Pennsylvania. And sure enough, they found hunters that legally shot a deer, but were bringing it back into the state illegally. In all, they  confiscated 4 deer and charged 4 New York hunters.

Here's a map of the states New York has prohibited from importing unprocessed deer, elk and moose. You can bring certain parts back into New York once it's been processed.


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