Many Central New Yorker's are foregoing their traditional Special K and Total, indulging in breakfasts that are a little more satisfying.  

We asked around the radio station, and roughly 80% of the employees said they don't eat breakfast cereal. Most grab something at the local convenience store for the most important meal of the day instead.

When we asked why they didn't have a bowl of cereal before they rushed off to work, many replied with: "I like cereal, but it doesn't keep me full very long."

Here's 5 of the more popular breakfast choices in our region:

1. Dessert for Breakfast

If you're a fan of Key Lime pie, this Greek Yogurt will send your senses soaring. Chobani headquarters is in New Berlin, so when you make a purchase, you're helping the local economy. Word on the street is, Tony the Tiger and Cap'n Crunch even have a secret stash of this delciousness.

Matt Hubbell


 2.  Bacon Rocks

We know this isn't a bacon, egg, and cheese from Fast Track but that's because they were sold out. They're so popular in our office, that some of us often have to settle for the sausage, egg,and cheese instead. That's perfectly OK though; this tasty sandwich is way yummier than a bowl of Corn Bran.

Matt Hubbell


 3. Why Yes, it's Pizza for Breakfast

Buttery, cheesy breakfast pizza from Nice and Easy makes driving the arterial a little less manic. It's also easy to eat on the go, and you don't have to worry about spilling Lucky Charms all over your lap during your morning commute.

Matt Hubbell


 4. Ladies Love the Flakes.

No we're not referring to a flaky gentleman; neither are we talking about the ones made of corn. We're talking about the flaky and delicious breakfast croissant from Fast Track. Many of the females in our office prefer this sandwich . How do we know? We can smell and see the proof every morning around 8:10. Unfortunately, many of them aren't willing to share. Boo Hiss.

Matt Hubbell


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