If you're past the pivotal age of 30, when you evalutate you're life, or lack there of, or you're knocking on the door, you have to make mistakes in life.  The question is whether or not you learn from those mistakes.  Afterall that's what life is all about.  Here's 30 mistakes you'll make before you're 30 according to Coed Magazine.  See how many mistakes on this list you've made?

1. Blow your entire paycheck on a dumb item.
-I can't remember what but I'm sure I've done that a time or two in my college years.  Beer would probably be at the top of the list

2. Borrow huge amounts of money and forget to pay it back
-I've never not paid back a debt so check that one off my list

3. Crash a car
-or 2 or 3.  When I was younger I went through cars like cash.  They say everyone gets into an accident every 7 years so that would mean I've reached my quota for the rest of my life.

4. Dine and Dash
-add another to my list of things I haven't done.  I've always paid for what I eat.  I guess I was too afraid of being caught

5. Drive Drunk or High
-sad but true.  The stupid decisions we make when we're young

6. Forget someones name/say the wrong name
-I have to admit, I'm so bad with names.  I still do this today.  On the other hand, I never forget a face

7. Get arrested for something dumb
-I can't fathom how I've managed to avoid the police my entire life, but knock on wood, I have.

8. Get caught streaking
-Yeah right.  I don't even look at myself in the mirror naked.  Why would anyone else want to

9. Get incredibly sun burnt
-OMG more than once.  You think you'd learn after the first time.

10. Get kicked out of a bar
-Nope, not this gal.  I was always a happy bar fly.  Although I haven't seen the inside of a bar in years.  I must be getting old.

11. Get lost in a foreign country
-The very reason we now have a GPS

12. Have an affair
-Another sad but true mistake.  But I'm happy to say, 12 years later I'm still married to the man today

13. Hookup with a co-worker
-See #12

14. Hurt yourself while performing a stunt
-almost on a daily basis.  Klutz doesn't come close to describing me

15.  Leave credit card at the bar
-And my driver's license

So does that mean the third of the mistakes I didn't make on this list before I was 30, I'll make now?  I'd like to think we all get wiser with age.  However I don't think that means were done making mistakes.  We just make different ones.

What stupid mistakes have you made?

Go to Coed Magazine for the complete list of 30 mistakes you'll make before you're 30

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