There are plenty amazing hiking options all across Central New York. How many of these options offer a ghostly visitor or two? Here's 3 of the most haunted hikes across Central New York.


Big Moose Lake Trails

There are several hiking options all around Big Moose Lake, and lodging options too. If you take some of these trails near the lake, you make get more than you bargained for. The Murder Of Grace Brown, also know as the Great America Tragedy, took place in 1906 on the lake, and around that area. Legend has it you can hear her screams, and drowning on the lake.


Trails Near The Oriskany Battlefield

The Battle of Oriskany was one of the bloodiest of the American Revolution. Not only did it lead to the death of General Herkimer, it led to the death of many soldiers and Indians on both sides. There are several hiking options around the battlefield location that are haunted. The Erie Canalway trail runs right behind the battlefield. Several hikers on this trail have seen ghostly figures including soldiers in uniform, and shadows running in the woods. At the battlefield memorial in Oriskany, at night you can hear the sounds of drums and screams in the distance.


The Mohawk River Trail

This trail begins at Bellamy Harbor Park and from there the trail extends north and connects Rome’s waterfront with historical sites, commercial districts, public services, local schools, city parks, the Griffiss Business and Technology Park, and residential neighborhoods. The one portion of the trail that is reported as "haunted", is near the former Old Oneida County Home, also known as the Oneida County Poor Farm. The site is located near the current MVCC location, and reportedly a cemetery is right near the trail. Ghostly figures have been reported, but nothing confirmed on this trail.


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