Back to school shopping is no joke, and it can be hard for kids to get in the swing of things when they don't start off with the supplies they need to succeed.

That's why New York Senator Pam Helming proposed new legislation yesterday that would eliminate sales tax from school supplies for the week before Labor Day each year.

"The number one concern I hear in the community is the need to make New York more affordable for working families--this bill helps to accomplish this goal," Helming told CNY Central. "It is my hope that this legislation will provide families and educators with an opportunity to purchase tax-free school supplies that are ecessary to help our children learn, grow and succeed."

According to CNY Central, the tax-free guidelines would not just stop at traditional school supplies like pencils, pens and notebooks. They would also go as far to include digital supplies like computer hardware and software, which would ultimately help older students who are likely struggling through the ramen and mac and cheese college lifestyle.


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