Last year we discussed a list of the Safest neighborhoods in Central New York. Neighborhood Scout has updated that list for 2017.

The information is based on all crimes reported, violent and property, by location. Visit the site for detailed information on these or other neighborhoods. You can find everything through Neighborhoodscout.



1) Westmoreland

Westmoreland is listed as a safe area. Westmo bumped up from number 3 last year, to number one this year.

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2)Lake Delta / Hawkins Corner

Lake Delta / Hawkins Corner is listed as the safest neighborhood in Rome. This region bumped down from 1, to 2. Granted, this area covers water, where people can't technically live.

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 3) Stanwix / Greenway

This region didn't make the top 8 last year. It was rated as number 3.

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 4) W Thomas St / Jervis Ave

This region didn't make the top 8 last year. This location ranked at number 4.

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1) Steuben St / Pleasant St

This region wasn't in the top 4 last year. It ranked in at number 1 this year.

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2)  North Gage

North Gage seems to be a mixed bag of streets in Utica. This remains at number 2.

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3) Deerfield Heights

This covers the Deerfield area. This remains at number 3.

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4) Oneida St / Higby Rd

This region didn't make the top 4 last year. However, it's at number 4.

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