Wondering what the celebrities will be receiving in their 2015 Oscars goodies gift bag? Let's just say A LOT. Here's a quick list of what they will be receiving. 

The “Everybody Wins at the Oscars Nominee Gift Bag” is worth over $160,000. It contains 59 brands, and a ton of different gifts. Here's what's inside according to USA Today:

- $20,000 worth of car rentals

- a $250 adult toy that uses laser therapy to enhance arousal

- a $20,000 gift certificate for dream analysis, a horoscope reading and a lesson in mind control techniques

- a $5,060 home spa system

- 10 personal training sessions

- a $5,000 piece of art from Gunner Fox

- a $25,000 piece of custom furniture designed by Elena Foccoli

- a $12,500 voucher for cycling, hiking and excursions with gourmet cuisine

- a $229 wearable camera

- a $1,200 hair follicle stimulant"

It pays to be Hollywood royalty.



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