Two of the 101 most iconic restaurant dishes in America come from upstate New York, or as we know it, central and western New York. Rochester and Buffalo are home to the honor from the Daily Meal.

It probably comes as no surprise, especially to those living in western New York, Buffalo Wings made the list. The Anchor Bar is said to have created the phenomenon in 1964 when Teressa Bellissimo deep fried chicken wings and covered them in secret sauce for hungry diners. They were an instant hit and Buffalo Wings have been on the menu ever since. "Although many have tried to duplicate Buffalo Wings, the closely guarded secret recipe is what makes the Anchor Bar have the 'Best Wings in the World.'"

Rochester's Garbage Plate from Nick Tahou’s Hots also made the list of most iconic dishes. It originated in 1918 and consists of half mac salad, half home fries, 2 cheeseburgers, covered in meat sauce, chopped onion and mustard. There have been several variations of the plate that people come from miles around to enjoy since over the year.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan even gave it a try when he came to town for a show in 2020.
Ironically, Gaffigan had the famous dish on an important day. "Nic passed away 23 years ago today," he shared on Instagram.

Not everyone loves the dish. The Garbage Plate has also been called the grossest food in New York. To add insult to injury, Rochester was also referred to as, "a giant garbage dump so there's no surprise the regional delicacy is basically a plate of meat, baked beans, fries, and possibly raccoon butt slopped together in a giant, heaving mess of glomp."

The garbage plate isn't gross. It's a staple, especially in Rochester.

Several foods in and around New York City made the list for most iconic dishes, including Nathan's Famous Hotdogs. What's missing from the list is Utica's famous Chicken Riggies. Now THAT'S an iconic dish.

Take a trip around the country for your taste buds. From burgers and pizza to caviar and Lavender duck, see all 101 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes in America at

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