2 New York people charged after showcasing their crimes on social media. Somewhere I heard the saying, "Only stupid criminals get caught." These two people prove that quote to be true.

It was a Craiglist ad that led New York Conservation Officers to an Oswego County woman's home. She was selling baby snapping turtles, which begs the question, who would want a baby snapping turtle? She was charged with unlawful possession of wildlife and unlawful commercialization of wildlife. The turtles were released back into a suitable wild habitat.

Snapchat led to the downfall of a young Erie County man and it involved a snapping turtle too. A video depicted him killing the snapping turtle by repeatedly hitting it with a pickax. The video went viral eventually making its way onto Facebook with all of the guy's information. When confronted by officers, he confessed, saying he was trying to protect a younger sister and dog. Hmm, a bad liar too. It's not illegal to hunt snapping turtles, and he had a valid hunting license, so that lessened the charges. His charges were taking wildlife out of season and doing it in an illegal method.

This all reminds me of another well known saying.  Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.


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