There are three types of people in central New York. Those born and raised, those who moved to the area and those just visiting. And it's easy to tell the ones just passing through. Here's 13 ways to tell someone isn't from central New York.

13. They only BBQ in warm weather

Grilling season is 12 months a year

12. They think greens are on a golf course

You won't need your putter for our greens

11. They don't know what a turkey joint is

They're missing out

10. They say WestMOREland

These are the people locals give wrong directions to

9. They've never heard of or tried riggies

We can't be friends

8. They ask to join the 'Utica Club'

Your kind isn't allowed to join

7. They're staying in a 'cottage'

We aren't in Canada eh

6. They order a black and white cookie

You must be from the city

5. They think Cayo Industrial is a plant

It was...

4. They're surprised to see bears in the Adirondacks

Bet they'd be surprised to see moose and deer too

3. They ask about parking at Lakeview Amphitheater

We don't ask because we already know...

2. They won't drive when it snows

It's just a dusting

1. They assume upstate New York is anything not in the city

Everyone assumes that and we're SICK of it!


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