ZEMS Ice Cream is holding its 11th annual Labor Of Love Sunday, September 6th from 11 am-9 pm in Canastota.

Labor Of Love festivities will include a day of great food, mini golf, entertainment, Smile Mile Ice Cream Challenge, Cruz In, more than 80 basket raffles, raffles for a handmade quilt, porch rocking chairs, a fire pit including chairs, outdoor furniture and much more. Donations are greatly appreciated. For more information call Rick Stevens at 315-697-8510.

Labor Of Love at ZEMS Ice Cream in Canastota is a fundraiser to benefit the Erick D. Stevens Memorial Scholarship Fund which in turn supports the Canastota AYSO, Canastota Music Department and 2 scholarships to Canastota High School Seniors.

Classic cars and trucks are invited to join the Cruz-In.

The Smile Mile Ice Cream Challenge takes place at the Canastota High School put on by the Canastota Running Club. The Smile Mile is a 1-mile race with a twist starting at 1 pm. Competitors will run/walk a 1/2 mile, consume a mini-ZEMSwich, then continue with the second 1/2 mile, making it the coolest mile under the sun. If you're a runner and not an eater let a friend eat for you. You can compete by yourself or as a team. To register for the Smile Mile please call 315-697-8510.

Live entertainment from 11 am-9 pm and includes performances by:


The story behind Labor Of Love:

On June 27th, 2005, our family suffered a terrible tragedy. Erick, (the E in ZEMS) died in a car accident a couple of miles from home. He was just 22 years old. This loss almost meant the end of ZEMS, not knowing if we had what it would take to reopen after the funeral. The outpouring of support from our wonderful community convinced us we needed to reopen.Today, ZEMS is open with Erick at our backs to push us forward. Erick loved music and played the sax, guitar, piano, and drums. So we decided to keep his memory alive through music. Each year, on the last day of the season, the day before Labor Day, we hold the "Labor of Love for Erick".

While admission is free, all proceeds from the food, hot dogs, mini golf, raffles, and drinks go to benefit the Erick D. Stevens Memorial Scholarship Fund.