There have been several stories about men and women over the age of 100 surviving the coronavirus. But few can match the resilience of Angelina Friedman in Westchester County, New York. She survived the virus twice, and that is just the most recent maladies and obstacles she has overcome.

According to the story reported by WPIX-TV, Angeline was born October 18 in 1918.aboard a ship bound for the United States from Italy. Those were the days of the Spanish flu outbreak and conditions were so bad, her mother died giving birth. In other words, she came out of the gate swinging.

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She and her husband both battled cancer, which he didn't survive. Her daughter, Joanne Merola told the TV station her mother also persevered through miscarriages and periods of internal bleeding. And now, Angeline has taken on the coronavirus not once, but twice and came out on the other side.

She first contracted the virus this past March and then again in October. Oddly enough she was 101 the first time, 102 the second time. Her daughter added her mom continues to have a zest for life even after defeating two global pandemics and other diseases.

Imagine the spunk Angeline must have had when she was 30. You can read more on her amazing story at

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