Thank you! Two words that go a long way. A 10-year-old Mohawk boy is using art class to say what we're all thinking and what we should all be saying.

Troy Bellstedt lives in Mohawk and attends Central Valley school. While at home, he's keeping up with his classes, including art where he's creating posters to hang in the window to thank all the essential workers.

He and his mother Barb came up with the idea. "Each day he picks another essential working group and draws the picture to hang in the window," explains mom.

One day it was the doctors working on the front lines.

Photo Credit - Barb Bellstedt

The next day it was the nurses.

Photo Credit - Barb Bellstedt

Let's not forget about the men and women delivering our mail and packages.

Photo Credit - Barb Bellstedt

Thank you Troy for reminding us how a simple thank you can go a long way.

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