With Memorial Day Weekend just a few days away, getting to the end of the week is going to be pretty tough. What if we could make that weekend come a little faster?

Motivation to get through this work-week has been pretty much nonexistent, right?

It's okay, we completely understand. Memorial Day weekend is almost here. It's the unofficial start of summer. It's only normal to be a little... distracted.

We want to help. What if you could cut down your workday on Friday, so your weekend can start a few hours earlier? We can't make any guarantees, but you could try a one-of-a-kind, only in Central New York, 'interesting' excuse. Maybe like one of these Top 10:

1. "I promised to sing with Rainbow outside of Price Chopper at 1pm. I can't let him down, he was really looking forward to doing a duet."

2. "They're doing more work on the Arterial and my exit will be closed after noon."

3. "I have a reservation at The Tailor and the Cook - It's the only reservation I could make, and it's for Friday at 12:15pm."

4. "My son (or daughter) got into a fight at school about what place has the best chicken riggies, and now I have to go pick him up. I know you understand."

5. "I had lunch at the Celtic Harp - And I had a cold one... Or a few. I dugn't thhnk I'm cappable of wrkkinng for tthe resht of the dehy."

6. "I have a charity run at noon. I'm sorry, I wouldn't have volunteered, but it was either this or I would have to help out at a camp for an entire week. You know how these things are - You gotta be a part of something."

7. "They asked me to be an extra in 'Murder Hill.' If I want the part I have to be there now! I could even put in a good word for our company while I'm there... Just saying."

8. "I'm sorry, but I've been asked to meet with Mayor Palmieri on some important, classified business."

9. "I have to take my car to the mechanic. Something 'fell' from the sky on Route 5S and damaged my car."

And finally -
Sometimes less is more...

10. "I have to leave. It's an emergency. I'll talk to you about it later."

***Use these excuses at your own risk.
And Good Luck!



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