Do You Have Career Compulsive Disorder?
Do you feel like you have trouble leaving your work behind when you go home for the day? Do you feel like you are overworked? Do you constantly feel stress because of your job? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have Career Compulsive Disorder.
What Are The Most Dangerous Jobs In America?
Being a radio announcer doesn't put me in much danger each day, unless I accidentally eat a co-worker's sandwich from the station fridge by mistake. But, there are many jobs in America that are quite dangerous. So, what are the other most dangerous jobs?
A Young Woman Quits Her Job By Video Post
Most people quit their jobs either by meeting with the boss or submitting a letter of resignation. Not Marina Shifin. Marina, who works for a company that produces news videos decided to take a different tack in telling her superiors she's out of there. What do you think of her approach?
Top Workplace Aggravations
Having a full workload is cause enough for headaches at your place of employment but having additional aggravations--completely unrelated to the job at hand--can make a day of work feel like a week. came up with a list of common workplace aggravations and, to be honest, I could relate to…
Welcome Back From Vacation
During the "Frog Days Of Summer", many of us take a vacation week or two. And, then there's that coming back to work thing. Today is my first day back to Big Frog 104 after a vacation week, and I've noticed a few much I forgot!
Want To Be A Better Boss?
Many of you are responsible for others in the workplace (I guess that makes you a boss). And while we all have bosses, how does the boss feel about the job that he or her is doing?
These Companies Never Had A Layoff
While the economy is gradually improving, many people have been laid off and are still looking for work.  So, are there major companies that have never laid off an employee? According to Fortune magazine, the answer is yes.
The Golden Rule About Black Coffee
Ok, this may sound like me venting (and it is), but I'm sure you've had this happen to you at work. You go to get a cup of coffee from the coffee maker in the little kitchenette area at work, and there's about a teaspoon left in the pot, cooking and cooking, churning and churning, get…