Badgers are not known for their sense of humor or congeniality. They are among the fiercest most tenacious animals in the wild kingdom. There is, however, a badger at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa who is breaking all the stereotypes by opening a Twitter account describing what really goes on in humorous fashion. Check out a sampling.




A badger with a sense of humor. If your kids have a Twitter account this would be a good one to follow. Check out the full story behind this Twittering fanatic.



Watch These Animals Playing With Tennis Balls - Daily Distraction

Tennis balls are great. They're soft, colorful, and they bounce nice and high. Apparently they also taste good. Not that we've ever tried one, of course. Just looking at the looks on these animals' faces, we'll take their word for it. The Daily Distraction is your Internet break from reality.