Working at Turning Stone's Tin Rooster at Exit 33 is more than a job for the employees.  It's a family. Before every shift the staff sits down for a 'family meal.'  'It's just one way to bring everyone together', says Chef Joseph, the man who is the father figure of the group.

We met Abner, when we toured the kitchen.  He's only been with Tin Rooster a short time and when he started, knew nothing about cooking. With Chef Joe's help and encouragement, Ab is now a chef at Tin Rooster and in his own kitchen.  When he's home his specialty is grits, but at the Tin Rooster it's the cornbread he makes from scratch every day. While we were there, Ab was making breaded shrimp.  The BEST breaded shrimp I've ever eaten.  When asked the secret ingredient, he told us 'love.'


Ab was just one of many employees we spoke with who look forward to coming to work everyday.  It may have something to do with their leader Chef Joe, who not only encourages his staff to be creative, but takes an interest in their lives outside of work.

The staff works as a team to deliver the freshest food for their customers every day.  From the fresh ingredients to the love they put into each dish, you can taste every bit. Don't just take my word for it. We spoke with a few customers while we were there. See what they had to say.

Enjoy Southern Style BBQ at the Tin Rooster Wednesday through Sunday nights, with live country music on the weekends.See their full menu at Turning Stone.

Win dinner at the Tin Rooster all next week with 'Our Favorite Things.'  It's definitely one of MY favorite things.  The food and the people.

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