There may be nothing funnier than watching someone get scared in a haunted house. Ellen DeGeneres sent two of her employees to walk through Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Night.  Her writer Amy scares pretty easily, but she's nothing compared to Ellen's Executive Producer, Andy, who screams like a little girl and my husband. I had tears rolling down my face seeing their reactions. It's easier to see why it's Ellen's favorite thing she's ever done.

Andy and my husband are exactly the same when it comes to haunted houses.  Both use anyone and everyone as a shield to protect themselves. Amy even asks Andy 'Why are you making me go first' His reply 'I'm not. I'm protecting you.' From behind? I don't think so Andy.  It's almost as funny as Andy telling all the zombies to 'STOP IT' and asking repeatedly if it's 'almost over.'

Andy, the man, doesn't return until they emerge from the haunted house, saying in his macho voice, 'it's finished. We're good.' Yeah right Andy.  The damage to your masculinity is already done.

Ironically, we're heading home to Canada and taking part in Fort Fright at Ft. Henry in Kingston Ontario.  It was something my mother set up so I can't be blamed.  Although my husband would like to back out, he can't look like a baby in front of in the in-laws.  I'll be sure to tape his reactions so everyone can enjoy.

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