The wait is FINALLY over!  Keith Urban's video for 'Little Bit of Everything' is here.

It steals pages from the movies 'The Truman Show' with Jim Carey and 'The Adjustment Bureau' with Matt Damon.  Keith is seen walking through several doors, into a completely different world.  The last door takes him into a fast paced world with people always in a hurry. One person even had enough nerve to bump into Keith and NOT say sorry!  Wisely, Keith decides to walk back through the door and into his place where he can sing a 'little chill song' and get his 'groove on.'

By the way, I can cook and I've danced on a bar in my bare feet before.  Just in case Keith and Nicole don't work out. I can give him a 'Little Bit of Everything' :)

Keith Urban Then and Now [PHOTO]

I opened my Facebook to the photo of Keith Urban with a mullet. Oh my how he's changed. I laughed so hard when I saw the first photo. Thanks Paul! The