This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of! A father in Tennessee was arrested for trying to pick up his kids after school, on foot. 

According to Free Patriot, a new policy at South Cumberland Elementary says parents can only pick up their kids by car or kids can walk home alone.  Children are not allowed to walk home with their parents.

Instead of waiting in the long line of cars, which sometimes lasts an hour after school is let out, Jim Howe decided to walk to school to pick up his kids. A sheriff deputy and school resource officer refused to allow Howe to get his kids.  When Howe insisted on seeing his children, he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

The incident was caught on tape by Howe's finance, until the deputy told her to shut the camera off.

Arrested for picking up his own kids! Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous. And disorderly conduct?  Not once did Howe raise his voice or become violent with the deputy.

The Sheriff says the deputy was just doing his job but agree with Howe, that the policy is causing safety concerns.

I'm glad I don't have kids who go to South Cumberland elementary, or I'd probably have been arrested too.