What a blast from the past.  Keith Urban has come a long way since he was 16-year-old, auditioning for a television show called New Faces.  He was even good looking at 16. He's hotter now and sings a lot better than when he appeared on the 1983 show.

Urban's performance of Air Supply's 'I'm All Out Of Love' got a few critiques from the judges. Critiques I'm sure Keith put to good use.

Urban's hair hasn't changed much over the years either. Although he did just get it cut. Maybe it really was time for a change.

It's nice to see the clothing style changed too. That polyester suit and tacky vest is not becoming. I'd much rather see Keith in his signature style, jeans and a t-shirt.

Urban said he wanted to be radio announcer. He can come be my morning show partner anytime he wants and I'll let him sing everything.

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