Horrifying footage has surfaced of a Mexican woman showing signs of being possessed after playing with a Ouija Board. Alexandra Huerta is seen restrained in the back of an ambulance, growling maniacally and laughing as medical staff struggle to determine the cause of her sudden outburst.

It wasn't just her, either -- the 22-year-old played with the Ouija board with her brother Sergio and their cousin Fernando Alvarado Cuervas, who both also acted as if possessed.

Medics administered painkillers, anti-stress medication and eye drops to calm the trio. Doctors explained their condition 'It appeared as if they were in a trance-like state, apparently after playing with the Ouija board. Whether they were really possessed, or had simply convinced themselves that they were possessed, was not for the doctors to comment on.'

Those red eyes don't look drug induced to me. What do you think? Was this woman possessed or just high on something? Either way, it'll make me think twice before playing with a Ouija board EVER again.