Mark Williams, Utica’s Police Chief, has written an open letter to those coming to the area for this year's Boilermaker on how to stay safe, road closures, shuttle transportation and more.

On behalf of the City of Utica, Mayor Robert Palmieri and all of the men and women of the Utica Police Department and our Federal, State, and local partners – Welcome to Utica and the Boilermaker Road Race! My name is Mark Williams, and I have the honor of serving as Utica’s Police Chief. I am writing to you today in advance of your arrival to the Utica area and to introduce myself and to introduce you to our security operations for the race.
Your visit to Utica this year will, as always, be full of great friends, food, festivities, and fun...and, of course, there is a great race on Sunday, July 10th as well! Also, present during your visit will be an enhanced security posture and law enforcement presence from a host of agencies not only from our area but also from around the country. Even with that enhanced posture, the best defense against a security problem or incident is YOU, your family, and all those who will come out to support the runners throughout the weekend.
SEE SOMETHING - SAY SOMETHING -> Vigilance, not hysteria, by all participating and attending the event is critical to achieving safety and security.  Please immediately report any suspicious activities to the Counter Terrorism Center via the NYS Terrorism Tips Line at 1-866-SAFE-NYS(1-866-723-3697) or by dialing 911.  Be prepared to describe, in as much detail as possible, what you see that looks suspicious and why you feel it is suspicious. There will also be law enforcement and volunteer staff along the course; approach them with your concerns.
Saying that; intentionally made false threats including telephone/internet may be considered terroristic threats and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
EXPECT DELAYS -> Please expect traffic delays! If you can avoid traveling by car during peak race hours, please do so. If possible, carpool to reduce road traffic and the number of vehicles near the Start Line/Post Race Party area. Remember there is no designated parking near the Finish Line/ Post Race Party. The New York State Department of Transportation is in the midst of a massive multi-year arterial project, areas you may have been able to park last year may no longer be available.
NO BIB-NO START-> If you do not have a running bib you will not be allowed into the Start Line area of the 15k or 5k races. We ask that those that are not participating in the races or are not volunteers/ staff not remain at the start lines.
RACE TIME LIMIT-> The race will be enforcing the two and a half hour time for completion of the race. When the last runner clears the start line, the countdown will begin to finish the race. At the official end of the race, the clocks will be shut down, and teardown of the finish line area will begin. If you feel you are incapable of completing either the 5k or 15k races within the prescribed times, we strongly suggest you forgo running this year. This year there will again be ‘sweep bus’ to transport runners who will not reach the finish line within the prescribed finish time. It will be located at the 10k location on York Street commencing at 9:55 am.
The Boilermaker makes no guarantees regarding, road availability, entertainment, water stations, etc. to participants that are on the course past clock shutdown.
DEFFERALS- > Runners are offered a one-time deferral to the following year’s race. Instructions, including deadlines, are on the Boilermaker website, Deferrals will end at noon, Sunday, July 10th.
PACKAGES & BAGS -> Please refrain from bringing bags, backpacks, coolers, packages, or parcels to the race course or into the start/ finish line areas. If you plan to transport items on the race baggage truck, please do so in a clear plastic bag.
 If you need to enter the start or finish areas, bags may be searched randomly, or you may be denied entry. Again, no bags makes everyone’s life easier.
Coolers are strictly forbidden on brewery property.
 Unattended bags, even for a few moments, will be removed and may be damaged or destroyed. You may encounter baggage check stations; please build in plenty of extra time. Better yet, don’t bring bags.
OTHER INFORMATION-> There will be a strong canine presence at this year’s race; please do not bring dogs to the Post Race Party or the Expo at Mohawk Valley Community College.
Plainclothes police officers will be a part of this year’s event. They will have official credentials.
DO YOUR PART -> Security and law enforcement personnel have many things to focus on and much to do. They need your cooperation to keep the event moving along smoothly, especially if the need to give you instructions arises. If given instructions, please comply promptly. If you have a question or concern about law enforcement instructions or operations, please raise it later with a supervisor.
Road Closures for the 2016 Boilermaker Road Race:
Law Enforcement will close the entire course at 6:00 am. Only official vehicles will be permitted along the course at that time.  Some intersections will remain open, and Law Enforcement will assist with the crossing of intersections, but vehicles will not be able to drive on the course.  Additionally, some portions of the course will close at earlier times due to logistics and security concerns.  A list of roadway closure times and designated cross intersections are listed below:
15K Start Area Road Closures 5:30 am on the morning of July 10th:
·       Route 5S westbound at Culver ramp
·       Dwyer Ave.  (entire road)
·       Beechgrove Pl from Gilbert Street to Florence Street
·       Culver Ave from Bleecker Street North
5K Start Area Road Closures 5:30 am on the morning of July 10th:
·       Route 12/8/5 at Burrstone Road all entrances and exits
·       Burrstone Road from Sunset Ave to Old Burrstone Road
Finish Area Road Closures 2:00 am on the morning of July 10th:
·       Court Street from Schuyler Street to Fay Street
·       Varick Street (entire road)
·       Columbia Street from Varick Street to Schuyler Street
·       Whitesboro Street from Lafayette Street to Schuyler Street
·       Lafayette Street west of Varick Street
The following are intersections that will remain open for cross traffic until 7:00 am:
·       Welshbush Road
·       Albany Street
·       Sherman Drive
·       Oneida Street
·       Genesee Street
·       Campbell Ave until 06:45 am
5K Shuttle Service:
Runners can park at Con-Med on Chenango Road at French Road in Utica and then ride the shuttle to the 5K start.  6:00 am to 6:45 am
15K Shuttle Service:
 Birnie Buse's pick-ups are located:
1.    Near the finish line at the corner of Court and State Streets.
2.    Near the rear of the Post Race Party area on Whitesboro Street.
*Buses begin running at 6:00 am and stop running to the starting line at 7:00 am.
 Please arrive early!
Participants, attendees, and volunteers traveling to the Post Race Party area are encouraged to park on public roadways east of State Street.
Have a fantastic and safe Boilermaker Weekend!

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