Gino, a guy in our office was making fun of Olympic badminton, saying it wasn't even a sport and how hard can it be.  Kristine Bellino in our newsroom and I, use to play in high school and tried to explain it wasn't as easy as it looked.  Gino then went to bragging, like 20 year old boys often do, that he could beat us both.  So being the competitive people Kristine and I are, we challenged him to a match.

I'll admit it was closer than I thought it would be.  Kristine and I were a little rusty since high school and she was wearing a skirt and I was in my bare feet.  We did still managed to beat them, not once, but twice.  Hence the gold rackets and the biting.  Although I'd never heard of the winners biting their rackets before.

Check out photos from the match.