Toby Keith is heading to Glee.  Well, its his song 'Red Solo Cup' that will be featured in an episode on the hit Fox show.  His self proclaimed 'stupidest' song will get Glee-a-fied November 15th.

Toby stopped by to talk with Joy Behar about the news.  He says using the song on that show is like putting 'a round peg in a square hole.'  Toby admitted, he'd never seen the show but knew it was about a high school choir.  Joy called it 'the gayest show on TV,' besides her own show.  Toby changed his tune and said it 'just might work then.'

Listen to Toby talk with Joy

Glee isn't gay, its great!  It's one of the few shows on television I sit and watch with my daughter, because she likes it too.  I guess it is an acquired taste.  I don't see Tadpole or my son watching it.  Maybe with Toby's new song being used, Tadpole will change his mind, but I doubt it.

Its good news for a song Toby never intended to be a single.  Once the video for 'Red Solo Cup' was released, it took on a life of its own.  In just three weeks time, the video has almost 1.5 million hits.

Glee is no stranger to country music.  The kids used Lady Antebellum's 'Need You Now' for the Super Bowl episode and Kristen Chenoweth used Carrie Underwood's 'Last Name' during one of her guest appearances.

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Toby Keith 'Red Solo Cup'