Toby Keith is gearing up for the release of his latest album 'Clancy's Tavern.'  He's releasing a track a day, to give fans a taste of whats on the CD.  Monday was 'Red Solo Cup.'  Tuesday we heard the title track 'Clancy's Tavern.'  Today it's 'I Won't Let You Down.'

Toby describes the song about a man who hasn't been good in relationships in the past, but has met a woman he thinks may be the one.  Toby says he wanted to show 'the honesty in the guys heart, of I may not be capable of having a relationship, saying here's all my bad traits, I love you, you love me, but here's my disclaimer.'

Listen to Toby's softer side with 'I Won't Let You Down.'

Check back tomorrow when Toby will premiere ‘I Need To Hear A Country Song.’  You can preorder the new CD from Toby’s website or Amazon.  ‘Clancy’s Tavern’ is out October 24th.