We've all had some pretty unusual jobs. I know I did before I became a radio announcer, which some of you may consider an odd job too. Anyhow, there's a new list of the 10 oddest jobs.

Here are the top 10 most unusual jobs according to careerbuilder.com:

10. Jelly doughnut filler

9. Interpreter for a government agency

8. Hot rod builder

7. Glass sculptor

6. Fingerprint analyzer

5. Eyeglass buffer

4. Drawbridger Tender (That's my all-time dream job)

3. Rodeo Clown (Maybe we'll see one of those at Big Frog 104's Wild West Frogfest & Rodeo)

2. Bingo Announcer (Sounds like a Matt Herkimer gig if I ever heard one)

and the number one most unusual job...Actor for a haunted house!