Close your eyes, and picture this.  Tim McGraw without underwear.  It happened on the Ellen Degeneres show.  She was showing a picture of Tim out jogging with his 'Ellen' underwear on.  I'll be honest, I didn't really notice the underwear.


After showing the photo, Ellen asked if Tim had them on.  When he hesitantly replied 'no,' she asked why.  Seems the pants he was wearing were too tight to wear  underwear, so he didn't have any one.  Wow! Have you fainted yet?

Tim did apologize for embarrassing his daughters.


Tim & Ellen provided more comic relief with a hidden camera prank.  A stagehand was asked to tune Tim's guitar in his dressing room.  The entire time Ellen told Tim what to say in his ear piece.  How the poor stagehand kept a straight face, I'll never know.  I'd also love to know what he was thinking, especially when Tim showed off his amazing abs he called 'a muscle jacket.' Or when he told him he wasn't 'wearing underwear.'  Then again, how Tim continued to repeat every crazy thing Ellen said without cracking up, is a miracle.  What a great sport Tim is!

Thank you Ellen for yet another smile in my day!

Tim has been making the rounds promoting his new album 'Two Lanes of Freedom.'  He showed off his six-pack abs in a behind the scenes photo shoot for People. He performed for the troops on the USS Midway and he'll be stopping by Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel.  Plus Tim is presenting with his wife Faith Hill at the Grammys.