Who has 'The Voice?'  It's now up to the viewers as the live rounds begin.  The top 5 from Blake Shelton and Adam Levine's teams took to the stage for votes last night.  Team Blake has a mix of talent, from a mariachi singer to pop, rock and country singers.

Terry McDermott
The rocker, Terry McDermott was up first for team Blake.  His coach wisely picked Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin.''  Although Terry killed the song because he can really sing, he didn't do anything special with it.  He didn't make it 'his own' as most reality judges say.  Will his scratchy rock voice be enough to keep him on Blake's team?  I don't know.  Listen and judge for yourself.

Terry McDermott: "Don't Stop Believin'"

Liz Davis
The only country singer in the competition, Liz Davis, showed her softer side with Martina McBride's 'Independence Day.' A song Blake gave her to slow things down but still allow her to be the hard hitting country star she wants to be.  Anyone who can take on a Martina song and nail each note gets my vote.

Liz Davis: "Independence Day"

Michaela Paige
One of my favorites on Blake's team, Michaela Paige took on 'Everybody Talks.'  I'd never heard the song, but didn't care.  Michaela did a great job and she's just so darn cute.  A voice like that, from a 16 year old girl who is confident in her own skin,should go far in this competition.  Originality usually beats great voices.  Remember Adam Lambert from American Idol?

Michaela Paige: "Everybody Talks"

Cassadee Pope
Band singer turned soloist, Cassadee Pope sang 'My Happy Ending' and did well, but was it enough?  She has a great voice, but so does everyone else left in the competition and she didn't do much to stand out.

Cassadee Pope: "My Happy Ending"

Julio Cesar Castillo
Mariachi singer Julio Castillo had the crowd on their feet for his spanish rendition of 'El Rey.'  A huge feet for a guy who sang a song most people didn't even understand.  However, what do you do with Julio? There isn't much demand in the market for a mariachi singer.  He has a great voice but I don't hear him on the radio.

Julio Cesar Castillo: "El Rey"

Amanda Brown
Unfortunately, it wasn't a member from team Blake who stole the show.  It was Amanda Brown from Adam Levine's team, a singer he stole in the earlier battle rounds.  She blew everyone away with 'Dream On,' and yes even hit that Steven Tyler high scream.  She topped my list of the best of the night.  Not only did she sing her butt off, she performed the song like nobody's business.  Miss attitude should sail through to the next round.

Amanda Brown: "Dream On"

Soulful singer Bryan Keith had the ladies swooning with 'Iris.' His good looks and sultry voice could lock up the girl votes.

Melanie Martinez is another in the competition who dances to the beat of her own drum and her version of 'Hit the Road Jack' proves it.  Her originality should keep her in the competition.

Joselyn Rivera kicked off the show with 'Give Your Heart a Break.' She did well but I anticipate she'll be one of the causalities from Adam's team come vote off night Thursday.

Loren Allred could be another one to go from Adam's team. She sang 'All Around the World' and didn't impress to the final note. I just don't think it was enough for her to stand out among all this great talent this year.

Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green's teams will sing for votes Wednesday on NBC at 8.  Thursday, the top 2 vote getters from each team will move on to the next round.  Each coach will then save one more from their team to head into the top 12.

Who do you think will go home from Team Blake?