Should Women Have to Shave Their Legs to Find a Man?
Over time, for whatever reason, society has put standards on certain things for both men and women. Expectations differ from country to country, but here in America it has been decided that women MUST shave certain body parts in order to be considered "attractive." Is it really tru…
The Ten Dollar Bill is Getting a New Face
For the longest time now, many people have worked to get a woman's face put onto U.S. currency. By the year 2020, that thought will become reality. Although some say Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill would get replaced, it's actually Alexander Hamilton upon the $10 bill that's getting th…
Show Us Your No Makeup Selfies! [Photos]
Amy Schumer is a comedian and star of the Comedy Central show, 'Inside Amy Schumer.' She has always been an outspoken feminist and in a recent sketch she encouraged other women to take on some of her views. She is urging ladies to put down the lip stick and eye shadow to go all natural!
What’s The Worst State For Women?
You'd think that by 2013, women would have basically the same opportunities in all 50 U.S. states, but that's not the case. So, what's the worst state for women, concerning pay, etc..? Here's the answer.
Survey Shows Average Woman Over-Packs For Vacations
I know this has happened to me, and I'm sure there are guys out there who know what I'm talking about...You are going on a short trip with your girlfriend or wife, let's say for the weekend--two days. You pack a small bag with only the essentials. Then, you turn around to put your girlfriend's bag i…

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