Survey Shows Average Woman Over-Packs For Vacations
I know this has happened to me, and I'm sure there are guys out there who know what I'm talking about...You are going on a short trip with your girlfriend or wife, let's say for the weekend--two days. You pack a small bag with only the essentials. Then, you turn around to put your girlfriend's bag i…
Women And Their Handbags
How many handbags do you think the average woman owns? 10? Close. The average number of handbags a woman owns is seven. And, each of those seven handbags, on average, costs $120. This all according to a recent Kellogg's survey.
Would You Like To Redo How Your Husband Proposed?
Well, 25 percent of women hated the way their husband popped the question, that, according to Men's Health magazine. What's more is that 26 percent of the women polled said their husband's proposal could have been more romantic, original or personal.