How To Say “No” To Your Kids [VIDEO]
No parent wants to be the bad guy but there are times--plenty of them if you ask me--when you have to say "no" to your kids. It may be in a grocery store line, a toy store, a recreation park or any one of a number of places or situations. Here are a few tips on saying "no&…
You Know You’ve Become A Parent When….
The moment sneaks up on you. A certain reaction or situation finds you saying to yourself, "Oh my, I've become my mother (or father)!"  We may not exhibit all of our parents quirks but there are some parenting traits that are universal. Here are a few.
What Are Good Grades Worth?
It's just about time for the kids to go back to school. With the beginning of a new school year comes the pressure to get good grades. What are your kids incentives to do well in class? Money? Goods? Maybe the incentive should be that accomplishment is incentive enough. What do the experts say?
Cost Of Raising Children Rising Quickly
Every parent knows that raising a child ain't cheap. The bad news is that the cost is going up, up and away to the point where, according to a Department of Agriculture report, an average middle class parent can expect to spend $241,080 per child up to age 18. That's a 3% increase over a y…
Dad Tricks Daughter Into Eating Her Veggies [VIDEO]
One of the most frustrating things about being a parent is getting the little ones to eat their vegetables. Try as you might getting them to open their mouths and swallow those needed nutrients often ends up with that strained veggie all over their bib. Watch what one devious--but successful--dad di…