A Man’s Guide To Avoid Being A Creep [VIDEO]
It's hard to be a guy sometimes, especially a single guy! It seems like no matter what we do whether it be meet women or walk down the street we're at risk of being called "creepy." It's a term that has become looser and looser with members of the female community.
Who Is The First To Say “I Love You” In A Relationship
Imagine: You've just started a relationship, everything is going great and you both really like each other. You like each other a lot--you really, really like each other. One person has to say it sooner or later, but whom will it be? Then, a bit of panic sets in--"What if I say it and he/she do…
Cheesy One-Liners Do Work, Guys
That's right, according to, 60 percent of women polled say they are more likely to fall for a guy if he approaches her and breaks the ice with a "light-hearted one-liner."
Dating Expectations
How much do you spend on a date? Guys, how much money do you shell out when you take your sweetheart out for dinner? According to an interesting new survey, men are three times more likely than women to think there are monetary expectations when going out on a date.
Men Are Getting More Facelifts
The percentage of facelifts for men has been increasing, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Statistics from ASPS show there has been a 14 percent lift in facelifts from 2009 to 2010.
Does Eating Meat Make You Macho?
A new study shows that women love men who eat meat. When women were asked to rate a guy based on his diet only, they said vegetarians weren't nearly as macho as those who ate meat.