Imagine: You've just started a relationship, everything is going great and you both really like each other. You like each other a lot--you really, really like each other. One person has to say it sooner or later, but whom will it be? Then, a bit of panic sets in--"What if I say it and he/she doesn't say it back?" But, eventually, the fear subsides and one of you says it. Those three sweet words: I Love You. But, who said it? Who is the first to say it in a relationship?

Well, according to a survey by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, guys are the first to say, "I love you," 61.5 percent of the time.

But, just how long into a relationship before you say, "I love you?" Is there a certain rule on time?According to the MIT survey, men will think about saying those three lovely words about six weeks earlier than women will.

So, what about you? Who was the first to say, "I love you" in your relationship? Also, is there a certain time to wait before saying it?