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John the UPS Man Does More Than Deliver Packages in Canastota
John Douglas is more than the UPS man who delivers packages in Canastota. He's a man who goes above and beyond. Whether it's greeting customers with a smile, handing out treats to the family dog or helping pitch in when needed, John is a fixture in the community.  But now John is…
Veterans Pick Up Tab For Active Duty Soldiers at Rome Restaurant
One random act of kindness leads to another in Rome, New York. Samanta Gotti and her boyfriend saw an elderly gentleman eating along and decided to pay for his meal. As she was taking care of the bill she noticed a table of veterans who picked up the tab for a table of active duty soldiers.
Iraq War Vet Uses Wheelchair to Plow Sidewalks [VIDEO]
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. In the case of Iraq war vet Justin Anderson, life handed him brain cancer and an amputated leg. But that isn't stopping him. Anderson is going from serving his country to serving his community in Nebraska, plowing sidewalks with his wheelchair.

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