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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant
Is Jennifer Aniston really pregnant? It sure looks like it from the picture taken from hidden cameras in her house.
Jennifer Aniston to Receive Decade of Hotness Award
In what is proof that Jennifer Aniston only gets better with age, Spike TV announced Thursday that the 42-year-old actress will receive the Decade of Hotness award at the fifth annual Guy's Choice celebration next month.
"Decade of Hotness is Guys Choice's ultimate term of endearme…
Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral For Smartwater
Jennifer Aniston will probably always be known as "Rachel," her character in the TV show "Friends," or Brad Pitt's ex-wife.  She's been in a number of movies, but none have been a box office hit.  Now she's turning her attention to commercials.  She's pushing Smartwater in a new …