First iPhone 6 Customers Drops It on Live TV [VIDEO]
It's Apple iPhone day. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available and customers have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. The first person to purchase the iPhone 6 in Australia, 18 year-old Jack Cooksey, had it seconds before dropping it, on live TV. Hope he bought insurance.
Best Free (Or Real Cheap) iPhone Apps For Kids
Keeping the kids occupied while you go about your shopping or on road trips can be a challenge, an even bigger challenge if you want them to be learning at the same time. Parenting.com has come up with a list of cool iPhone apps for kids that are free or really cheap that they say will keep your kid…
Comedian Louis C.K. Blasts “Toxic” Smartphones [VIDEO]
Louis.C.K is a funny guy but even a comedian gets a little serious sometimes especially when talking about a subject that they find annoying. In this case the subject that has gotten under his skin is smartphones. He recently went on a rant while guesting on the Conan O'Brien show about what he…

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