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Greg’s Grillin’ Barbecue Ribs [VIDEO]
'Tis the grilling and barbecue season, and our "Greg's Grill" recipes reasearchers have found another great instructional video. Remember the old rule: Grilling (hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, etc...) hot and fast, barbecuing (ribs, chicken, beef tenderloin roasts...etc), …
Chili Made Easy – A Greg’s Grill Recipe [VIDEO]
Now that spring is here (spring weather to arrive any day now), we'll be having more backyard barbecues, and chili is always a nice addition to the menu or just on a hot dog. Our "Greg's Grill" recipes department did some research and found an easy chili recipe.
Greg’s Grill Recipe – Baking That Easter Ham
Many of us will be having a baked ham dinner on Easter, as well as some other traditional dishes. So, how hard can it be to bake a ham? Well, if you want your ham to come out moist and tender, we've got a "Greg's Grill" recipe, complete with homemade glaze.
Making Irish Coffee For St. Patrick’s Day [VIDEO]
With St. Patricks' Day, Sunday, March 17th, here's another libation to consider...Irish coffee. Of course, this drink is for the 21 and over crowd. Many restaurants offer Irish coffee year round, as an after-dinner drink. So, how do you make an authentic Irish coffee?