frogfest 2015

Local Chiropractor Comes to the Rescue and Saves FrogFest
FrogFest 27 was a huge success! We had some great food, great vendors, and of course amazing performances. Our headliner, Jerrod Niemann, rocked the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, but something happened that almost derailed the show. One of Niemann's band members had their back give out to the point w…
Drone Takes to the Skies Over FrogFest [VIDEO]
Did you happen to notice something flying over FrogFest ? It was a drove in the skies of the Herkimer County Fairgrounds. Thank you to Sean Nelson of Utica for taking time out of his busy schedule to bring his DJI Phantom drone to FrogFest. It gives a whole new perspective on the annual event
Couple Gets Engaged on FrogFest Stage [VIDEO]
Nick Briggs surprised his girlfriend Katie at FrogFest. He brought her on stage for what she thought was just a thank you for being part of the event. Little did she know Nick had other plans, ones he's had in the works for weeks. Nick dropped to one knee to pop the question.

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