Dave Wheeler’s Week 6 Football Picks
Week 5 of our Pro Football Pickem Challenge has been my best one yet! I had 12 points and beat Polly and Tad! I'll enjoy my minute of victory, because I'm sure it won't happen again. At least EVERYONE is beating Andy. Here's a look at my Week 6 picks and predictions.
You Still Have Time To Submit Week 4 Picks
Here we are already into the fourth week of the NFL season. Normally at this point in the season I feel pretty comfortable about the way teams are playing.   Each and every week it is your chance to get in on cash and and great prizes with the Pro Football Pick em. Here are my picks for week 4.…
New York Jets Ship 350 Rolls Of Toilet Paper To London
When one travels, you try to be as comfortable as you possibly can be. You pack things that remind you of home, and hope you can find things where you are staying that will make you feel comfortable. The New York Jets took this to a whole new level. They packed at least 350 rolls of toilet paper to …

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