Swedish Man Hit With Astounding Speeding Ticket Fine
Swedish multi-millionaire Anders Wiklof was driving a little too fast. Wilkof, a business man in his native Sweden, was pulled over in neighboring Finland for driving 48 in a 30 MPH zone. He expected a ticket and a fine but was shocked to find out how much it would cost him.
Road Rage Behavior Crosses Gender Lines
It used to be that women were considered the "meeker" sex. Those days have apparently gone the way of the telephone booth according to a new survey of road rage behaviors. Now, women and men both display some unseemly, if sometimes self-justifying, driving reactions. Some of the su…
Other Drivers Shouldn’t Keep You Guessing
I'm sure you've had this happpen to you. You're driving to work, and the guy (or woman) ahead of you has his left turn signal on for three miles. Or, the car ahead of you turns without using a turn signal. What do you do?

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