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Baby Avery Crawls For The First Time
As a proud parent of a 9 month old, it always makes me happy to brag about big milestones in my daughter Avery's life. We've been waiting the past few weeks, and finally today Avery started to crawl.
Kane Brown Helps Rome Infant Fight Tough Medical Battle
Move Over Taylor Swift. Step aside Luke Bryan. Kane Brown has you beat for most soothing voice. No matter what genre of music you prefer, it has the amazing ability to inspire and bring joy to those facing difficult challenges. For Greyson Grant of Rome, NY. His battle has been a little more bearabl…
Cute Toddler Insists He Didn’t Eat the Cupcake! [VIDEO]
Little kids are terrible liars, but it's okay because it's pretty cute when they try to. This little guy just couldn't resist the cupcakes with the blue frosting. When his dad asked him about his eating the tasty treat, he insisted it wasn't him. Looks like he was caught blue han…

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