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Hackers Steal Credit Card Info From 40 Million Target Customers
Approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts used by Target customers may have been impacted by a major data breach, the retailer said Thursday. Customer names along with credit and debit card numbers may have been accessed, as well as the expiration date and three-digit security code on …
Clean Out Your Wallet Carefully
We all clean out our wallets now and then. In fact, every time I fill up my car with gas that cleans out my wallet! Seriously, we all carry way too much stuff in our wallets (I've found doctor appointment cards for 2007 in mine), and often we carry items that we shouldn't. With identity th…
Still Feeling The Recession’s Aftermath?
Although the recession, sometimes dubbed the "great recession," has been over for awhile now, people are still feeling financial strain from it. Whether it's late payments or maxed-out credit cards, the recession's aftermath is still prevalent in day-to-day life.