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Did Clint Eastwood Make Your Day?
One of the most talked about TV commercials during Super Bowl XLVI was Chrysler Corporation's two minute "It's Half Time In America", starring the legendary Clint Eastwood. The spot aired at half time and presented Clint Eastwood talking about how America could learn from…
Who Topped The Most Unpopular Celebrities List?
So, can you guess who topped the 'most unpopular celebrities list'? Well, it most certainly wasn't Betty White--that's for sure. Betty made the list as America's favorite and most trusted personality. So, who's the number one most unpopular celebrity? If you guessed Par…
Brad Paisley Gets Clint Eastwood For New Album
If you're going to make a country and western song, who better to have help, than the coolest cowboy in Hollywood.  Brad Paisley got Clint Eastwood to agree to sing, or should I say whistle, on a song for his new album "This is Country Music," due out May 24th.
New Brad Paisley CD Coming in April
Brad Paisley upcoming CD "This is Country Music" will hit stores on April 19th. The CD will include the title cut which is currently sitting high on the country charts as well as feature some interesting guest artists.