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American Idol Top 8 Elimination, See Who Went Home [VIDEOS]
It's down to 7 on American Idol.  One more was sent home on last night's elimination show.  In the bottom three this week were, Elise Testone, who struggled a bit, Hollie Cavanagh, who Randy said 'was pitchy' and DeAndre Brackensick, who Jennifer said had his best week.…
Erika Van Pelt Sent Home on American Idol
Erika Van Pelt had to sing for her life on ‘American Idol‘ since she received the least amount of votes. She once again tore through ‘I Believe in You and Me,’ which she also performed during the Whitney Houston episode a few weeks ago.
Jermaine Jones Kicked off American Idol
Jermaine Jones' time on American Idol is coming to an abrupt end.  He'll be sent home after tonight's performance. TMZ reports, Jones was first accused of making up a story about an estranged dad to get the sympathy vote. His father, who Jones' said left 10 years ago, says he sees his son frequent…
Reality Television Has America Singing
Reality television has America singing. There are more singing competitions on television than any other show. Star Search was the one that really got it all started with Ed McMahon in 1983. The talent show ran until 1995. But it was American Idol that jump started the musical reality shows and b…
American Idol Judges Send First Finalist Home [VIDEO]
American Idol is down to 12 contestants after the judges sent home the first finalist of the season.  America's vote put Elise Testone and Jeremy Rosado in the bottom two, leaving Jennifer Lopez the task of somewhat reluctantly revealing the judges decision.

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