My husband can tell you the story of the fish that got away.  I'm surprised he hasn't already.  I've heard it at least 100 times since July.  But Nicholas Calabrese tells the story of the one that didn't get away.

Nicholas who is only 12 years-old sent me the following story on his big catch.

'It was mid-morning on a mid-August day and we were trolling in 130 to 145 feet of water in front of the High Rocks on eastern Lake Ontario. We had just boated our fourth King salmon of the day aboard my Dad’s boat “Horsin’ Around” when the dipsy diver back 300 feet started peeling line out. The fish ran back to 550 feet on the line counter before I could started reeling any wire line back. It was a good twenty-minute fight, if not a half hour. When I finally got the fish to the back of the boat it was huge. One of the other guys on the boat grabbed the net and netted the biggest Chinook salmon I’d ever seen at the end of my line. It took three men and a boy to get it in the boat. I caught this 34 pound, 0 ounce monster salmon on a glow hammer pattern A-TOM-MIK fly with a Pro-Troll E-chip flasher. That is how I caught my trophy fish.'

Nicholas Calabrese
Taberg, NY
Age 12

A great catch and an even better story he'll remember forever.  Thanks for sharing Nicholas.